"Best Value" Drip Irrigation Products Effective and Good Quality Yet Economical Price Right Choice of Every Farmers

Driptech has created the best drip irrigation system for small-plot farmers - affordable, high quality, and easy-to-use. Without the need for expensive and complex emitters, Driptech systems are priced at least 50% lower than traditional commercially available drip irrigation systems. A small-plot family would be able to afford and purchase a Driptech system that will produce enough vegetables to increase their income.

After buying this system, farmers can recoup their initial investment in less than 6 months, with significant increases in income over the next 3-5 years -- the lifespan of the product.

Driptech's system can also be easily scaled up or down depending on the size of the field, thus giving it a technological advantage over both capital intensive commercial drip irrigation and water intensive flood irrigation.

Laser Drip

Laser punched dripline - a break through innovation which delivers the benefit of drip irrigation technology at a cost which is much lower than the traditional drip irrigation system.


Laser Spray (Rain Pipe/ Spray Pipe/ Rain hose)

Laser punched pipe for spraying water. An innovative irrigation system which wets water like rain, substitute for mini sprinkler.

Potato Cultivation with Laser Spray (Rain Pipe/ Spray Pipe/ Rain hose)

Drptech Laser Spray (Rain Pipe/ Spray Pipe/ Rain hose) Field



Thinwall dripline with flat dripper inside.



Dripline with popular 'GOL' (round) dripper Inside.



Ready to use semi assembled drip irrigation system. An Innovative product to enable small farmers to adopt drip irrigation technology Popular in Africa, SE Asia & Indian sub-continent among small farmer



Gravity Powered - Ready to use semi assembled drip irrigation. Run on gravity Ideal for small plots popular around the world..!!



Ready to use Drip Irrigation System Kit for Garden, Terrace garden, potted plant etc.



High quality polytube for online solutions.


DT-J Dripper

Dripper of unique design for online drip irrigation

Made of virgin plastic for stable performance, UV Stabilized. , Take-apart construction for easy cleaning, Components do not snap-off under pressure fluctuation due to latching arrangement., Unique design facilitates horizontal or vertical installation of the dripper., Colored top facilitates easy identification of flow rate.

Color Code Top for different discharge

Black - 4 LPH

Blue - 8 LPH

Green 15 LPH


Suitable for sugarcane, vegetables, closely spaced row crops, glass/green houses & nurseries.

Our Product in the Field

PVC piping is used to deliver the water from the source to the field. The takeoff valve then runs the water into the Driptech tubing to be irrigated into crops.

Farmer in Northern China holding a roll of Driptech tubing

Southern Indian farmers running the Driptech irrigation system